What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping simply means the merchant doesn’t purchase the inventory or fulfill the orders themself, but instead use supply solutions to sell the order directly to their customer and have the supplier take care of the rest. Many of the world’s most successful businesses use a dropshipping model to source products and fulfill orders without ever investing in inventory or storing products.

Suppliers can be local business owners or overseas manufacturers.

How Shopify makes dropshipping easy…

With Shopify’s dropshipping solutions, there’s hundreds of thousands of products merchants can choose to sell. With Shopify merchants can source, sell, market, and manage a dropshipping business from one single place. They don’t need technical expertise, coding skills or inventory. The dropshipping fulfillment method offers merchants a low-risk model to sell and fulfill orders with limited resources, and it’s a great solution for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business fast with low investment, and without handling inventory.

Dropshipping enables entrepreneurs to sell products directly from the manufacturer. That means they don’t have to make expensive investments in their business before making sales, which allows them to test the market, iterate their product sales strategy, and it frees up time and money to spend on finding customers instead of developing and storing products.

Benefits of dropshipping

● Low start-up costs

● Automated order fulfillment

● No warehouse, inventory, or product development

● Wide selection of products to select through Shopify apps

● No time spent packaging or printing labels

● Know where your orders are at at all times with Shopify’s inventory tracking

● Products can be sold globally and in 175 languages to help merchants grow

● Helps merchants test new products and experiment with new suppliers or sales channels with low risk

● Easy to build a store with Shopify themes

Check out these examples of existing Shopify merchants who sell quality products using the dropshipping method:

Lily Rose London

The Night Sky

5th & Baldwin

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