To get noticed with your business branding, try to make it unique, memorable, and relevant to your target audience. Consider using eye-catching visuals, a distinctive tone of voice, and consistent messaging across all your marketing channels.

It’s also important to stay true to your brand values and mission, and to create a strong online presence through social media and a well-designed website. Finally, don’t be afraid to be creative and take risks to stand out from the competition.

To create a standout business brand, it’s important to:

  1. Define your brand’s mission and values
  2. Conduct market research to understand your target audience
  3. Develop a unique brand identity, including logo, colour scheme, and tone of voice
  4. Consistently communicate your brand message across all channels, including social media and advertising
  5. Create a memorable customer experience that aligns with your brand values.

Let’s look at some of the top British brands

  1. Burberry – luxury fashion brand
  2. Walkers – snack food manufacture
  3. Harrods – luxury department store
  4. Jaguar – luxury car manufacturer
  5. Rolls Royce – luxury car manufacturer
  6. Marks & Spencer – department store and food retailer
  7. Ted Baker – fashion brand
  8. Cadbury – chocolate manufacturer
  9. Boots – pharmacy and beauty retailer
  10. John Lewis – department store and online retailer

What do top brands usually have in common?

Top brands typically have a strong brand identity, easily identifiable and a clear message that resonates with their target audience, All these brands are simple but effective, keep this in mind when creating your brand, Think about the choice of font used your corporate colours (colours represent meaning in their own right, e.g. blue relates to trust, honesty and dependability, this colour is used a lot in business brands.)

How can you create the perfect brand?

There are various professionals who can help create your brand, such as branding agencies, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and business coaches. It ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. If you feel confident you can do this yourself. Just make sure get to get a big opinion poll possibly putting it out to social media before making your final brand choice.

If you want the best chance to create the perfect business brand we recommend this book:

Book of Branding – a guide to creating brand identity for start-ups and beyond